Fighting Until The Twitter End

In the fallout from Donald Trump being given the boot from Twitter, I’ve just come across some great stats for his Twitter account that I had to share. On the world’s favourite open-source encyclopaedia there is a page dedicated to Trump’s social media usage. It seems that as his presidency has progressed, so did the number of Tweets he was producing on a daily basis. No surprise really, but the scale of the escalation was a surprise to me and is a rather fascinating insight into a bunker mentality in progress.

Here is a chart showing his daily average tweets from the start of Trump’s Presidency to the chaotic end-game that we are seeing now. The time periods are six-month chunks, apart from the most recent period which was cut short by Twitter no-platforming him:

In the grand scheme of things I am a bit of a nobody, so who am I to talk, but if my Twitter usage at work had rocketed over the past year or so to this extent, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a work to go to.

If only we had access to other data around his daily habits over the past few years… A four-year chart on ‘Words Spoken By Melania To Donald’ might be very revealing.


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